Open call for composers

Our Waterloo Festival Open Call is now over, we'll be releasing details of the winners very soon. Follow us on twitter to stay up to date!

Listenpony runs open calls for composers at least once a year.

Our most recent was in collaboration with Waterloo Festival, for a £500 commission to write a 5 minute piece for either Stephen Upshaw or the Magnard ensemble. The winner was Ewan Campbell, whose piece for the Magnard Ensemble was premiered as part of Listenpony's Waterloo Festival concert.

In 2016 our open call attracted 400 entrants, resulting in the following commissions for our 2016-17 concerts:

  • Emre Sihan Kaleli, writing for the Laefer Quartet, Nov 2016
  • Erica Telisnor for the Laefer Quartet, Nov 2016
  • Alastair Putt for Liam Byrne
  • Elischa Kaminer for NAS duo
  • Ivan Vukosavljevic for NAS duo
  • Finnur Karlsson for the Albion Quartet

Two more commissions were also made, for opportunities not advertised in the original call for scores:

  • Cameron Dodds for Magnard Ensemble
  • Oliver Leith for Stephen Upshaw

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